Siobhan Williams, Ph.D.


I worked with Xavier for the last 3 months of his tenure at Google, where he will be sorely missed. Xavier is a highly skilled and adaptable professional with a strong blend of technical and project management skills. He is capable of independently building effective solutions using only broad descriptions of a problem statement. His project management prowess, understanding of requirements, and ability to craft effective solutions are invaluable. Xavier's problem-solving mindset, cross-functional collaboration skills, and technical expertise would make him a valuable asset to any team seeking a driven individual for technical initiatives. Here's an example of Xavier's excellence... I unwittingly came across Xavier's work by utilizing a tool he was responsible for building. Although this tool was originally designed for a different purpose, it was more intuitive and better than the stock version available. My team needed a highly operable solution that could scale globally, so I considered extending Xavier's tool. I sent a message to the Googleverse in an attempt to build a relationship with a project owner, whoever that might be. Using only an email with the technical requirements of a scaled solution, Xavier was able to deliver a highly performant and critical solution that enabled our team to monitor real-time global outages with ease. Within 2 days, we had a working prototype that was effective immediately. I was expecting an olive branch for future discussions but got a working prototype instead. Xavier's original design was so well implemented, it scaled up (or down) seamlessly. That's impressive, but his willingness to unquestionably jump in and support another team as we work toward the company's mission is what makes him a great teammate. Large organizations are often burdened with the red tape of allocation conversations, alignment meetings, and triple confirmations. Xavier is able to move at the speed of a startup to deliver high-quality solutions in any organizational structure.

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Jeffrey Roth


As Director of the Search Language Specialists team, I had the opportunity to lead the SLS program. Over the last years, Xavier has contributed to several teams and projects displaying technical expertise and project management skills in order to further the program's goals of scaling and serving feature engineering teams. His deep technical expertise in SQL and Python code and integration of several internal systems allowed him to tackle complex challenges such as spearheading the building of an extensive SQL data extraction, data cleaning, and feature alert system for improved time-sensitive features. Xavier was happy to engage with adjacent teams to plan, offer technical decision making, and implement automation. When starting a new process, Xavier was able to engage stakeholders in finding pain points and consult with subject matter experts. Xavier's experience often required collaborating with Program Managers, Product Managers, Software Engineers, and Engineering Managers to provide a unified solution to internal client teams. Xavier has built a strong track record of building processes and automation from the ground up. He easily combines engineering knowledge and strategic leadership by driving projects end-to-end while tracking and reporting as the project progresses. He takes complete responsibility, driving progress from initial conception to final execution. This dedication, coupled with his organizational acumen, results in the consistent delivery of high-quality, impactful solutions. Regards, Jeffrey

Ehud Persitz


I am delighted to recommend Xavier who has been on our team for the last 4 years. Xavier has made significant contributions to various teams and projects, showcasing deep technical knowledge and project management skills to advance the program's objectives of scaling and supporting feature engineering teams.

Niklas Dorsch


I've had the pleasure of working closely with Xavier on the SLS team at Google for the past four years. Xavier excels at end-to-end project management, consistently researching, planning, and executing tasks with a strong focus on user experience and business objectives. His technical expertise, particularly in implementing monitoring systems for our key products, has been instrumental in achieving reliability goals. Xavier is a skilled problem-solver with a proven ability to bridge technical and collaborative aspects of a project. I highly recommend him for roles that demand these qualities.

Jay Pinnamaneni


I've had the pleasure of working with Xavier on several initiatives over the last few years. Across these efforts, Xavier's strong technical competencies in sql, javascript, python and data pipeline design enabled our team to prototype new solutions and roll out changes. In addition to these skills, Xavier's ability to document development efforts and tacit knowledge has helped decrease the ramp-up time for new team members and customers. I would highly recommend Xavier for any software solutions and management roles!

Ankit Adhikari


Had the privilege to work with Xavier on a high impact, high velocity project at Google and was the first hand witness to the high quality professionalism and technical skillsets he brought to the table. Xavier has a strong technical problem solving acumen and is very proactive in assessing workflow efficiency improvement opportunities leveraging automations and LLM solutions. I would highly recommend him for TPgM roles and would love to have an opportunity to collaborate with him again.

Francesco Bertolini PMP CSM


I have been working with Xavier on-site at Google for more than a year. From the very first months, he showed initiative and growth-mindset: his technical skills combined with his amazing communication style helped the team to overcome obstacles and getting projects done. He developed several automation tools for optimization of several projects, and that are currently used by several teams in Google. He will be an extremely valuable resource and asset for current and future employers.

Patricia Shirazi


I had the pleasure to work with Xavier using Selenium and Python collaborating for a project on Google. Xavier was a great asset to the project. From helping me on the debugging process and suggesting Selenium features that would make the code faster. He is one of the most enthusiastic people that I worked with, he is always interested in automating and eliminating repetitions on tasks, and he just won't stop researching until achieving the goal.

Renaud Charrin


Xavier proved to be a very effective member of the team, taking a major initiative from scratch to production. His blend of soft skills (thanks for all the laughs) and engineering capabilities enables him to test out new ideas and get them implemented quickly. Even more than that, he is the kind of person with a deep understanding of the data and an attitude to get things done here at Google in the best possible way. I would definitely welcome any opportunity to work with him again.

Edward Petkovicz


In our time at Google, Xavier displayed leadership by supporting other team members by making sure they were taught the correct information and helped teach processes to new members. His ability to teach tech concepts to his and other teams helped teammates achieve their goals. Xavier's programming ability was a great asset to the team by writing scripts and automating tasks.

Philip Hu


Xavier was one of the most knowledgeable teammate I met so far. He has proven himself in just as little as 2 months that he's capable of driving team forward. With his expertise in programming and automation, he wrote several tools to better support the teams. With his initiative mindset and technical skills, he implemented and brainstormed validation rules to reduce the overall on-boarding process.

Rick Collins


Xavier exhibits that rare capacity to balance technical passion, knowledge, and acumen with an appreciation for and ability to communicate with his peers and managers. In addition, Xavier shows strong understanding of business strategy and markets, and his perspectives are not limited to technical concepts alone. With this skill set and strong personal character, I have no doubt that Xavier will be a great addition to any organization or work group as he wraps his undergraduate studies and begins his professional pursuits. The sky is the limit for Xavier individually, and the organization he lands with will reap great value and reward having him on their team.

Brian McCann


Xavier's excitement, passion, and dedication for music has helped him grow into an outstanding performer throughout his years at Gonzaga University. His ability to consistently be prepared goes beyond the classroom as it demonstrates Xavier's demand for excellence from himself in all aspects of life. In addition, his happy and cheerful demeanor has allowed him to fulfill any role within a team and has set him apart as a natural leader capable of positively connecting with those around him. I fully anticipate Xavier to be a fantastic addition to the business world!

Dr. Tim Olsen


Xavier was a bright student, contributed regularly to class discussions, and was active leader in the MIS Club (Management Information Systems).